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"Jan's classes are amazing. No matter if he is teaching a one on one or a group class. 
He will always be able to adapt to everyone's needs. In his group classes, he manages very well to challenge every single person. From complete beginners to athletes! 
He surprises me every time with new exercises to challenge my body and mind. 
His workouts are never boring and his knowledge of the human body and physics is absolutely remarkable. Therefore he has no problem to adapt the training to your needs. He knows how to work around any injuries that you may have and help you prevent any further damage!"


-Chistina Morin, Verbier

"Doing sports with Jan is a different level of exercise. He creates a great combination of groups lessons, interesting theory about the human body and your personal goals. It's fun and a nice challenge every week! Happy I can be a part of it, merci!"

-Samantha de Charrière, Verbier

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